The campground, small and family-run since 1951, overlooks the lake; It has a wide beach and it offers a quiet and kind atmosphere .Lake Garda is the biggest among the Italian lakes. Once its name was “Benacus” from the word Benaco (which was an antique small town of the lake). Its current name comes from the age of Carlo Magno who, after establishing the city of Garda, called it “Garda lake city”. The lake reaches a length of 51 km and a width of 17 km. Its maximum depth is of 358 meters and it is at 65 meters from the height of the sea.

The shores of Lake Garda offer a great variety of landscapes especially in the “Parco dell’altro Garda Bresciano” (“Park of the other Garda of Brescia”) area. You can notice how the flora and fauna of this territory completely change in a few kilometres, varying from the typical Mediterranean characteristics of the lacustrine areas, to the typical alpine landscapes of the mountain in the inland areas.

This allows to enjoy with different activities: sail boat, golf, tennis, walks and excursions with mountain-bikes or horseback ridings through ancient olive trees, enjoying the extraordinary scenery that the lake can offer in every period of the year. You also have the chance to reach several summits such as Pizzocolo, Castello, Denervo, Tombea, Tremalzo (and many others) doing more demanding excursions.